Hot Stones massage

The hot stones massage originated in India – it was a part of a purification ritual, as long as 5000 years ago. The positive influence of massage with the use of hot stones on human’s body was also known in the Ancient Rome, where it was actively used as a popular pain reliever.Nowadays, this form of massage is performed with the use of smooth, black (most of the time basalt) stones, which are typically heated up to 50-54 degrees Celsius (122 – 129 Fahrenheit). The best stones, used for medical purposes, are the stones that come from Hawaii and Bali and have been polished by the sea waves.
The hot stones massage combines in it a few different therapeutic techniques:

  1. Thermotherapy
  2. Lymphatic massage
  3. Classical massage
  4. Aromatherapy

The process of the hot stones massageThis massage technique is based on a far-eastern philosophical system, according to which, in human’s body there are different points of energy called chakras. During the hot stones massage, there are 7 chakras affected (which, according to beliefs, are also the most important ones) – the root chakra, (base of the spine), the sacral chakra, (sacrum), solar plexus chakra (celiac plexus), heart chakra (chest), throat chakra (parallel to the thyroid gland), third-eye chakra (pineal gland) and crown chakra (top of the head).


The stones are laid down on the body according to the map of chakras. After that, the person performing the massage puts the oils on the patient’s skin and with the slow, steady movements, moves the stones in specific directions, along the channels of energy flow.The size of the stones is chosen depending on the size of massaged area – bigger stones are used to massage the torso than for example forehead. The whole process takes usually an hour and a half. After that, at least a 1-hour-long rest is recommended.

The benefits of the hot stones massage:

  • It’s very healthy for your skin, making it clear, moist and glowing.
  • It’s great to get rid of cellulite, and is often used in anti-cellulite treatments
  • It positively affects the circulation of blood and lymphIt’s great for muscle regeneration after injuries or strains.
  • It increases the elasticity of your musclesIt can increase your endurance and make your muscles strongerIt increases metabolism
  • It’s highly relaxing, releases tension from your bodyIt’s a great pain reliever

When should you use hot stones massage?

  1. Body exhaustion
  2. Chronic stress and anxiety
  3. DepressionSleeping disorder
  4. Constipation
  5. Post-injury and post-stroke
  6. Central nervous system injuries
  7. Obesity
  8. Muscle strains and chronic pains, myalgia
  9. Certain cardiovascular disorders
  10. Reynaud’s disease

Although hot Stones massage is great for a lot of ailments, you shouldn’t try it in case of:

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Menstruation
  3. Skin inflammation
  4. Tendency for blood clotting
  5. Bone fractures
  6. Atherosclerosis
  7. High body temperature

It’s also not recommended shortly after an operation, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Although hot stones massage is good for certain heart disorders, it is advised to consult any decision with your doctor prior to taking it, should you suffer from a certain heart condition.

Apart from a few contraindications, the hot stones massage is a great pain reliever, highly relaxing and diminishing stress. If you are looking for a way to relax, reload your body with a lot of energy and are looking for a way to calm down, sleep better and better control your emotions, a session of a good massage will definitely recharge your batteries.

Hot Stones massage

What are the Benefits of a Massage?  

1Relief from tight muscles, pampering and relaxation are just few of the many benefits we could experience from massage therapy. Yes, massage is definitely a great way to induce a deep level of relaxation as well as providing some indulging me-time. It is also beneficial in easing cramped, tight or sore muscles as well as the pain that comes with it. However, there are still a lot of benefits and reasons why you should consider having a massage.


Since happy ending massage therapy is able to have a great impact in our minds, bodies, and spirits, it is able to discharge a waterfall of advantages on chemical, emotional, mental and physiological levels.


Here are the ten vital benefits of massage that you are about to know.


  1. Decreases our dependence to drugs.


If you are experience muscle ache or cramps, you don’t need to take medication at all unless recommended by your physician since massage is able to relieve the pain you are experiencing from your muscles as well as loosen up your joints. Know more about massage in


  1. Improves immunity


The lymphatic system is one of the most important part in the natural defense system of the human body. Massage therapy stimulates the effective flow of lymph and therefore, enhance natural immunity.


  1. Increases the good condition of the largest body organ, the skin


Massage increase the blood flow towards the body’s skin cells, thus, increasing the supply of oxygen, nutrients, and oil that is used to moisturize and feed the skin.


  1. Alleviates the feeling of depression and anxiety.


Because of the sedating effects of massage, our nerves are calmed down and a lot of us are able to set aside our anxious and worried minds for a while and obtain a more positive outlook in life.


  1. Promotes tissue regeneration and reduces scar formation.


Since scar tissue can be washed up, formation of restrictions and unappealing scars are reduced.


  1. Lessens post-surgery swelling and adhesions.


Adhesions inside the body can be liberated and pooling of too much tissue fluids can be decreased by improving flow and drainage.


  1. Liberation of endorphins.


Endorphins is a natural pain killer of the body and is a form of amino acid.


  1. Respite from migraine


You can surely lessen the incidence of migrains by way of having a regular massage session.


  1. High blood pressure individuals demonstrate decrease diastolic blood pressure, low stress levels and anxiety levels.


By way of enhancing well-being and decreasing the feeling of anxiety, it improves hormonal and chemical balance.


  1. Improved sleep quality.


Relaxation definitely increases the quality of sleep and therefore, help us to feel more restful the following day.


Experience the wonders of massage therapy now in!

What are the Benefits of a Massage?